Setting An Altar

Setting a working altar to work your mojo can be a permanent altar for your spirits or a temporary altar in which you work the spell and clean up and put away the items after the spell is complete. Altars can be set up on the floor, which is common in many traditions such as setting a Pooja Altar, Buddahist Altar, African Conjure Rites, Ceremonies for Haitian Vodou Loas, and others. Other altars are set up on small tables or elaborate tall shrines. Altars are ritually cleansed with holy water, florida water, or other spiritual waters prepared especially for cleaning the ritual space. Altar clothes are laid out to define the altar, white is the common color for all types of altar coverings, but they can come in colors and patterns according to the work or spirit being worked with requires. Simple altars to the Saints or Spirits can be a white altar cloth, white candle, glasses of water and black coffee, and the image of the Spirit being worked with. More detailed altars will have foods, drinks, images, candles, flowers, perfumes, and other sacred offerings to the Spirit being called.
An altar for a specific spell can be just the same, you have coordinated the altar cloth, candles, and other tools for the job. If you were setting an altar for Love, sweep and dust the area, put away cluttered items close by or that are an eye sore in your room. Put up a divider in your room if you have limited storage area for cluttered things. When we unclutter our working spaces, we unclutter our mind and soul. Clean your space with a clean holy water or perfume. Take a cleansing purity bath before setting your altar. Set a pink or red cloth down on the floor or small table, adorn it with white, pink, and red roses. Set out enticing Pink and Red or their other favorite foods and sweet drinks for the spirits being called to aid you in your love work. Light Pink and Red candles for the spirits. Set out your other spell casting tools such as figure candles, oils, powders, curios, and personal items. When you set your altar, do so with focus and love. Keep your mind clear but focused on your intentions. Once you perform your spell, the altar might be still set up for several days until the ritual is complete, or for the spirits to eat and drink their offerings. When the spell is complete whether it is one day or 9 days, remove the items for proper disposal according to the ritual and take any offerings to the spirits to a tree or crossroads and properly give thanks to the spirits. Sometimes the offerings are placed in the front or back yard, depending on the ritual itself.