Mama Vescha

Mama Vescha: Rootworker, Spiritual Mother, Vodouisant, and Owner of Conjure and The Root.
Salute! I am V, a southern rootworker born in Southern California, raised in South East Georgia, and traveled all lower southern U.S. states, fond of the swamps, woods, beach, and deserts. My parents allowed me to explore my own spiritual and magickal path growing up. On my journey through a “spiritual gathering”, I have learned, practiced, embraced, and taught many forms of magick. I explored early on Wicca, Witchcraft, Egyptian Mytho, Hinduism, Yoga, and Divination. Later on I embraced Tantra, Gnosticism, Thelema, Hoodoo, Alchemy, Apothecary, and Vodou. But I am like any other ordinary girl, or occultist, rootworker, magician, healer, priestess, etc. Lol. I strive for liberty and pursuant of the Great Work, accomplishing our True Will. I believe that we all have the power within to rule the Universe as a Star and as a God. I do believe we are capable of reaching the highest attainment in Life which is to be in unity with God, whoever your God may be.
At an early age I knew my path would lead me to strive for helping others to reach their own goals, sharpen their life, enrich their self knowledge, find happiness, balance, truth, love, passion, success, etc. Those who know me, can tell you, I am very eccentric and I am honest, loyal, straight forward, blunt, friendly, but sometimes harsh and abrasive. I don’t sugar coat the truth, I like to hit conflicts straight on! I have been on a magickal path or spiritual journey as some might call it, for as long as I can remember. I always had an interest in the spiritual and occult, before I really even knew what this meant. I was 11 years old the first time a friend and I began seriously talking about what GOD was, if there existed an afterlife. I was the type of kid who liked to have a few friends, all the while I spent the majority of the time alone writing songs, poetry, drawing, or day dreaming about being a dancer, actor, private investigator, etc. As puberty hit, I was the girl that was drawn to being and looking different with my own sense of style. I had my own ideas on how things should be. I spent many hours just being alone, because most kids my age were followers of trendy styles or like to play games that I found were immature and facilitated too much drama. That wasn’t me, I was the kid who focused inner reflection and just wanted to learn what was going on in the world around me. I didn’t need to fit in, I surely didn’t need any approval and I kept my secret wonders and thoughts to myself in my art and writings. I was just barely a teenager in the mid 80’s when I first experienced anything abnormal or paranormal or at least that I recognized that could be abnormal. As I raise 3 children, they have had mystical and paranormal experiences, however, myself and their father making no big fuss about it, it has become the norm for them. But for my own outlook on my personal journey and being raised in a family who were just open minded, I was in the height of teen years and searching for my unique personal identity when my first experience was a visit from a deceased family member, who had passed 3 years before. I was 14 years old and really had no one to talk to about my experience of a phenomenon. It was spontaneous and was not something that had followed any irregular patterns of weird child behavior resulting from experiencing grief. The only connection I could guess, now looking back, is that my family was “open-minded” and may have some spiritual gifts, like odd dreams and occasional “coincidences”. Nevertheless, this experience was quite interesting enough for me to look into what was possible beyond our normal “senses” and how much of our senses we break down fundamentally. Now, I was the shy yet weird girl, but I was the shy weird girl with a lot of understanding of who she was and who others were. I was the go to girl in my group of friends; I was “Momma” to them. I was the one they looked to for advice about their little mundane teenage drama. They saw me as honest and their confidant and had advice that always seemed to make them dig a little deeper into their own world. So, like any shy weird girl, I began studying the easiest to acquire magickal books I could get my hands on. It turned out to be an old “What Witches Do”, a 1970’s copy, that was in the attic and belonged to my mother. My family and I traveled every year to New Orleans to stay for a week. That is when I learned a little about Vodou, dolls, and charms, etc. Most likely, there was probably an influence of Hoodoo in the elementary magick I was doing at the time with some binding and love spells. It wasn’t till 4 or 5 years later, in the 90’s and now into my early twenties, that I met my partner and started on a new magickal path learning all I could, and mastering my body, ego, soul, and emotions through Thelema, Tantra Magick, Yoga, and Divination. My partner brought forth the first Vodou Ceremony around 1999 or 2000. It was in service to Ogou. At the time, I was present for learning and support to my lover. I had NO Idea the path Ogou’s machete was about to clear…
Fast forward to the present and skipping all the juicy details, I grew further into the being I am today. It became clear to me as the years went on how much the Loa (Vodou spirits) had shaped and guided me through times and trials in life. As any person who has ever experienced anything magickal, mystical or paranormal, you know how this can stir a basket of different ideas and emotions: doubt, skepticism, excitement, fear, happiness. You name it, I probably experienced it. Over time, you come to embrace this fact and then the door is wide open to a lifetime of more adventure! The Loa have guided me to where I am today and this work here, providing tools for people like you and me. 
I consider myself a healer and a catalyst. My goal is to provide people with the tools to gain Gnosis. It’s not always the easiest task in the world to do; people come and go in life and on this path. I have left behind many old friends, not always by choice. Sometimes old friends just don’t understand or can’t keep up with the changes that you go through when you’re becoming self aware and on your path and the choices you have to make. Sometimes you reunite when the time is right, sometimes you don’t. I have experienced both. It never changes though, even through the sacrifices, that what I am here to do is to put forth the opportunity, the tools, and the knowledge to real people who are in search of happiness, love, and all that fluttery good stuff we enjoy. Well, yes, even for the darkest parts of our souls, we all have one. Yes, I am still that independent, sometimes shy girl, always learning about the Occult, and working on finding all the secrets in life and there after, I am still the loyal, blunt, honest friend. I am still the artist, the dancer.  I have worked very hard to make my life the way it is today, nothing is ever perfect, yes we all make mistakes, but we learn and grow from them. I teach this to those in life that need to hear this little piece of good advice that our mom’s and dad’s try to teach us too!
So, in closing, I hope that my small share of who I am as a real person inspires something in each of you to embrace the self, to always continue to strive to be a King/Queen. I hope that you will cherish your own path as everyone is unique in their own right. Your way is the right way, don’t let anyone tell you different.