Candle Ritual Colors

In Hoodoo candle work you can choose to work with specific colors that help bring the appropriate vibrations for your intentions.  Candle colors are chosen by the energies we wish to invoke, by symbolic meanings of the color preference, the astrological sign that might be in the working, or even by planetary energies being worked with.
The shape of the candle also depends on the type of ritual work is being performed. Many times, practitioners may only choose taper candles, chime candles, or 7 day glass encased novena style candles. Other workers, however, may work with figure candles. Figure candles can be in the shape of human genders, male or female figure candles. The figure candles also come in shapes of the devil, a cat, crosses, skulls, or section burning 7 knobs.
Listed is a table of Astral Candle Colors, Planetary Candle Colors, & Ritual Candle Colors
Candle Color Meanings
White Purity, Spirituality, Universal, Truth, Healing, Health
Blue Peace, Calming, Soothing, Healing, Health, Cooperation
Purple Success, Royalty, Ambition, Higher Power, Mastery
Yellow Attraction, Success, Business, Drawing
Orange Road Opening, Encouragement, Blockage Removal
Red Passion, Sexual, Dominance, Love
Pink Passion, Reconciling, Romance, Love
Green Money, Monetary Gain, Finances, Business, Wealth
Black Uncrossing, Jinx Breaking, Exorcism OR Crossing, Hexing, Dominance
Brown Court Cases, Justice, Law, Influencing
Astral Sign Primary Color Secondary Color
Aries White Pink
Taurus Red Yellow
Gemini Lt. Blue Red
Cancer Green Brown
Leo Green Red
Virgo Yellow Black
Libra Red Lt. Blue
Scorpio Brown Black
Sagittarius Green Red
Capricorn Red Brown
Aquarius Blue Pink
Pisces Pink Green

Influence Color
Sun Personal Mastery, Ego, Leadership, Health, Vitality, Self Expression, Honor, Glory Yellow or Gold
Moon Personal emotions, Unconsciousness, Mood, Memory, Dreams, Psychic Awareness, Receptivity White or Silver
Mercury Communication, Thought, Reason, adaptability, Mobility, School, Studies, Divination, Science Orange or Purple
Jupiter Wealth, Material, Finances, Monetary Gain, Growth, Good Fortune, Success Blue
Venus Personal Attractiveness, Love, Matters of Beauty, Fortune, Heart Green
Saturn Bindings, Discipline, Restriction, Limits, Structure Black
Mars Sexuality, Warrior, Aggression, Energy, Strength, Ambition, Courage Red