Saints & Spirits

Praying to Holy Saints is a long traditional christian practice. The requests for intercession on the petitioners behalf is made to one’s patron saint (a saint that is the intercessor and advocate in heaven on behalf of a skill, trade, circumstance, family, class, nation, place, etc). Some believers may only pray to the Virgin Mary, Jesus, or just God. There is no one right way, each person has their personal technique or what is traditional in their family. Some Saints prefer particular offerings of food or gifts, while other Saints will accept a simple white candle and a glass of water. In the Catholic Church, a small coin or dollar amount donation is given, you light your candle to the Saint and make your prayers. If you have a particular patron saint you will learn what is asked of you for an offering.

Spirits, whether they are Loas, Orishas, ancestors, or other traditions are also called upon for favors and special circumstances. Foods, drinks, and other offerings can be made in payment or as a simple honoring ceremony to your special spirit. We don’t always need to call spirits for favors, sometimes a simple hello and thank you is nice. :)
Below is a list of Saints and Spirits that have been used for special requests. The simplest way to begin working with a Saint is to find the one that is patron over your skill, craft, trade, hobby, etc. Working with Saints should be a simple and straight forward method, we tend to naturally over complicate this. Choose your preferred Saint, read their story, and find their feast day/s. Studying a Saint’s image and history can help you with making your altar to them along with finding the right offerings to give your Saint. A simple candle and water is just as efficient and will be appreciated no matter what!
St. Anthony- finds lost items, keys, lovers
St. Joseph- pay raise, job getting, home affairs, home sales, passage to easier death
St. Barbara- protector of death and battles
St. Expedite- helps bring faster results
St. Christopher- protects travelers
St. Francis of Assisi- protects animals
St. Clare/Clair- guides one to wisdom and light
St. Raymond- protects against foes and gossipers
St. Ann- mothers, childbirth, grandmothers
Infant of Prague- protects children
St. Gerard- pregnancy, motherhood
St. Martha- protection, used to keep a man faithful
St. Jude- works impossible cases, cancer
Mary Magdalene-perfumers, penitent women, hairstylists, pharmacists, apothecaries
St. Peter- opens doors, businesses
St. Brigit- protects babies, children, travelers, scholars, sailors
St. Benedict- protector from witchcraft, illness, sickness, heals the sick
Our Lady of Guadalupe- the blessed virgin- blessings, love, healing, protection
St. George- soldiers, horsemen, defender, butchers, field workers, armourers, calvary
Holy Family- peace, loyalty, family
St. Helena- widows, divorcees, difficult marriages
St. Lucy- writers, poets, journalist
St. Sophia- wisdom, enlightenment, students
St. Michael the Archangel- an angel not a saint, but used to defend and battle, protector from evil, foes, demons