Hoodoo Shop/Botanica

If you are looking for a great Botanica to shop for all your hoodoo, voodoo, and spell work needs, I have hoodoo love spells, money spells, uncrossing, revenge spells, floor wash, spiritual baths, occult supplies, etc. All items are made right here at my brick and mortar shop, Sacred Vescha Conjure, SVC, as I call it. You can visit the shop online by clicking here. I am an Authentic Southern Root worker. 
The shop accepts credit cards and e-checks powered through PayPal. If you DO NOT see something that you need, or formulas in a particular size, send a request to my email. The botanica can also be found on etsy, special pieces such as art for the Vodou Loa and other spirits are featured here 9 out of 10 times verses the other two sites. That link is here.

Happy Conjuring!