Friday, July 12, 2019

Open Location to Locals!

We are opening Locally in Georgia to our Customers!
Check Out this Video that was posted via Instagram TV (IGTV)
Hope to see you all soon!

Hoodoo Newsletter Magick & Mischief

Lately, I have realized that I have horribly neglected my "newsletter" subscribers! Well, that's in the works to be changed! Here's the link to the sign up if you haven't already become a subscriber.I will be sending out up to 6 to 8 emails a month and will fill it with content that I think you will enjoy and will be beneficial for your Hoodoo and Magickal Needs! But you can always drop me a line, and let me know what you would like to subscribe to and read more of! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Instagram FotoFunFeed for the Shop

SALUTE!!! If you haven't already found the Instagram FotoFunFeed from the website. Go here! :D Updates will be posted there along with the facebook page (

Friday, January 27, 2017

Interesting First New Moon of the Year 2017

Venus' influence comes in the perfect moment for starting off the New Year! She moves into the sign of Pisces. The Source link at the bottom has a good basic read of Venus and Saturn new positions. Enjoy!

Source link:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bibliomancy is a form of Divination

Bibliomancy is a divination practice that is used to foretell the future, to divine the moment captured in time, or to seek spiritual insight via a passsage from a sacred or holy book. This year, I would like to experiment a little with using bibliomancy each week and record the reading. This is part of my contribution to the community this year, so I hope that you will all walk with me on this journey, benefit from these small divinations, and allow them to give you insight that you may need." ~* crossposted from my facebook page.

This week I started the Bibliomancy readings. These are not just for "my benefit", but for those that the "messages" are for. How I do this, is like pulling a general reading for my clients. The only focus is reading what message needs to be heard for the week by known and unknown people. So, sometimes the message may not be for you, but maybe it's for someone you know, or maybe the next reading will "speak" to you. These are going to be posted primarily through my new Instagram profile I started weee-early this morning, Lol. Instagram is the fastest method for me right now to share short on the go moments. I don't have time right now to get all fancified with youtube. Besides, I am just trying to make a little contribution, and well, doing videos has always freaked me OUT! I am such a hermit, and errrrr, let's say, reserved, not so shy anymore, but no matter how many "performances" or stages I have been on, or classes I have taught, public rituals performed over the past 20 something years, V is just weird like that! SO, you most likely won't find these on this blog or FB page, yet, or ever! LOL. I will post a link though, if I can figure that technical part out! :D
Ok enough rambling... Let's find that direct link to week one of the NEW YEAR! Yay.
AHA! Ok, here's that link ;) Bibliomancy 1/3/17
Enjoy, Lovlies!
Light & Love
Mama V

First Community Conjure Blessing for 2017 Video

The first event for the year on New Year's was a great turn out! I am pleased how it went and all the great feedback and messages from those who were included. There are a few pics and a 1 minute video clip I recorded (see left) as I was burning each paper after the charging and cracking of the coconut. That was the only part of the ceremony I could have a free hand to multitask and record. :) Anyway, your messages have been awesome to read and I'll be responding to the rest of you as soon as possible. I look forward to many more Community Conjure Blessings this year!

Follow my Conjure and the Root Facebook page for future plans, sales, giveaways, and events.
Ok, on a side note, I started a New Instagram account to follow. The other one had just become consumed with more of my personal family and stuff, and less conjure. So, follow the new one @mamav_conjureroot for more magickal and conjure related shares and hopefully you don't mind cute kitty companion videos and pics, and random life shares of Vescha's seemingly strange life, no not really, but really to some!

The next Community Conjure Blessing will be in February for blessings of Fertility. "Fertility doesn't always mean making babies, but YES that can be part of the blessing as well! So, start gathering your thoughts, goals, petitions, desires, needs, and readiness to bear fruit!" I will announce the date of that later this month, so keep looking for that, please do not send me any requests for it right now, those will just be lost in messages and inquiries by Feb. Take the time to focus on what you need to bring into your life this year. The event of course, will be another free event. It's a community blessing, part of my work as a Priestess, to bring healing and joy to the local and worldly community! 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Winter & New Years Ceremony at the shop

As 2016 wraps up and we are carried off into 2017 and the Winter season, the house smells of cinnamon, hazelnut, and a little bit of dragons blood mixed with sage. Winter is a time that I always like to focus attention to cleaning up and clearing out any stagnating energies that haven't made it to full maturation that was set into motion during the Spring equinox. Getting rid of energies that no longer serve us, purging old ways that no longer align in our universes, is the winter season theme beginning this past week. From the Winter Solstice to the New Year is the time that I spend clearing the energies. From a full house cleansing, removing of dead spiritual cob webs, floor washing, incense smoking, fire releasing ceremonial event, and cleaning up all of the altars, personal and client working, is in full swing this weekend through next week. This year has been filled with much sorrow, death, and all sorts of mental breakdowns that have touched our magickal community, the world around us, and even here at home. So, this New Year's, at the shop I am planning on holding a community healing for continuous release of what no longer serves us, letting go of old habits, patterns, thoughts, feelings, tangled ropes, the dead fallen branches that need to be cleared and released so that we can see what really lies ahead of us and waits for us on our path. I am not talking about choosing new paths, but clearing it, lifting the fog to see your path more clearly. I will add a link to the FB link at the bottom of this post so you can add your name for me to put you on the petition.

For New Years, I like to make up all new Attraction/Abundance sprays, baths, and floor washes for the shop and for my home. I usually do not cook traditional foods for luck and prosperity as many do, instead I have been taking this time to prepare these for myself, family, and friends. I also spend a lot of this time working on new business adventures for the new year, get it all out into my notebooks and work on the sites a little bit.This is just what has served me well over the past few years, and gets my inside light all toasty and ready to shine for the New Year. : )

Let's see, what has been happening all year at CATR? This year, I introduced Hoodoo Tea Blends to the inventory. I also put together a few Conjure Boxes, and really looking forward to doing some more this year. I had several custom Conjure Boxes sent out to folks. That was a lot of creative fun and I think they enjoyed the nice surprises. There is one left for the year, it's a duplicate of the first money conjure box that came out around March/April (the image is of the first one that sold). It's exactly the same, so if you want to snatch it up, it's on the shop here Money Conjure Box.
For 2017, I am really hoping that we will be in a new space finally, I have outgrown my working area. I don't have any immediate plans to open the doors again for the public or clients, but many of my regular clients know that if they are local they can follow my meetups where I frequently host magickal meet and greets and workshops. So, if you haven't already come out to meet, please send me a message and I will get you connected to the meetup group! That's about it for now! I hope you enjoyed my rambling! Hahaha. Don't forget to stop over to the event page on Facebook to read up on the January event.

Winter Releasing Event <~~ Event to sign up to be added to the Community Conjure Blessing.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New messaging system with Mama V on the website

I posted this on the Facebook page for us, but in case you missed that:
This year I changed the communication system for inquiring about conjure products and conjure spell work. On the website you will see a link at the top that directs you to inquire about services/products. It is a messaging system that allows us to keep our conversation private and all under one thread. Too many messages and emails get lost or sent to spam or never reach my inbox. This new message system allows me to see the whole conversation much like a texting thread without all the hyperlinks, attachments, etc. It's a clean system so long as you keep replying to the same thread and not start a new thread, everything stays organized on my end to better serve you and to know who I am replying to. In addition, to that change up, the old email address mamavescha@gmail is going dormant for any business related emails. I check that email address a few times a month since removing it from most of the internet publishings. That email was all too spammy after 8+ years of use.
Thanks for all your patience and business this year! I know I haven't had time to catch up with the blog, but some new website makeovers are happening right now as I type. Some information transferred from here to the website, and the writing of a few new pages, just for basic conjure information to all the new clients that I have taken on the past few years. That's all for now!
Happy Conjuring, lovelies!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Communication issues. Every client and potential needs to know this. Policies and Procedures

If you are considering hiring my services please read the following links regards to policies, will's and won'ts, communication expectations, how to get a reading, what to expect in general. This has been laid out a few times the past few years, and seems to be coming up in question again recently. This is a very important page to read. One thing that is upfront and transparent, is that it is NOT possible to respond to emails to clients who need this type of communication on a daily basis. 5 clients in a day needing questions and responses and getting upset and impatient, disrupts the communication flow. AN D takes up space in the day to work on others cases. All emails can't be returned immediately, it can take a week to respond, unless it is an emergency. All clients are important, and I multitask just like every other human being. This should go without saying, but it still needs a light on it sometimes. Also, BIG ONE, In order to close out a case, this is done a month after work is done sometimes longer, as is stated on the services pages and in the descriptions, if you ordered shipping, it will be sent to you. IF you do not receive your mail contact me immediately so it can be tracked. Packages have gotten lost VERY FEW times, but it CAN happen. If I am not told about it, then I don't know about it. Apparently this was a recent issue and the client failed to tell me about it and was upset. SO PLEASE let me know these things. There's always a solution, even if you get free readings and another service performed for free. Pictures of the work can be given, but require additional time to get the photos and get them loaded and then sent through my old dsl mountain connection. That's just a reality. Pictures are provided on request now, in a few days to a week after work begins. I talk about this in my policies as well. I am thankful that I haven't had too many troubles over the years, but even that one or two in a year can really make things stressed. :/ No worries, here, just letting you lovelies all know what's up!

LONG BUT Important if you are needing a spell service.


I find it very important to make a page set aside specific for this topic because I get so many questions about this service. So with the growing number of emails on the topic, it demands one point of contact for all to go to and save time on the initial “what to expect” and what to begin to be prepared for when hiring a root worker to work rituals and light settings on your behalf. Please read this page before ordering any services from me. This page will give you a good guideline on what to expect if I take your case. Once you read this information, you can purchase a service from me here.

We will start with What cases I will consider:

1. Love Me Cases that do not involve divorce work unless one spouse is the client at hand i am working with, including reconciliation, return to me, and heated sexual love spells.
2. Peaceful Home
3. Court Cases

4. Healing
5. Protection
6. Cleansing and Uncrossing
7. Money Drawing, Job Hunting, Better Business
8. Hot Footing, Move Out, Binding
9. Break Up when it involves an “at risk” party, or the client themselves wish to “break up” their own relationship.

What I will not consider:

1. Any illegal requests such as anything that might be considered as sexual misconduct, neglect, or violating personal space
2. Work that jeopardizes the well being of a minor child
3. Divorce or break up when the client isn’t the petitioner (I sell these Break Up items for you to handle on your own, ONLY certain individual cases will be considered)
4. Death or illness brought to your enemy.

The next thing to consider is your root workers back ground and beliefs, which have been laid out for you through out this website.
Now, if you begin to work with me and chat with me to feel me out, as best as possible through this cyber barrier we call our computer screens, you will soon realize how much each one of my clients means a lot to me. While getting to know me, you will notice that I lay out that same day I will be back with you shortly afterwards, please consider that I too have a family that needs my attention. Some clients will panic at the first time their email is not immediately answered, which means I am not sitting at my computer or by the phone to answer calls. One thing that I caution folks when beginning specifics for your case, I am a friendly individual, and you can count on building trust in our working relationship. HOWEVER, in every relationship we have to draw a boundary for ourselves in order to maintain focus, and that focus is the goal at which we are aimed to succeed in, your work. What this means is this: while I do care and take my work seriously, I can not hand hold my clients throughout your entire work in progress. Many come to me with very emotional cases, I am deeply compassionate in those times, I am fully aware of the dire needs, the desperate situations and so forth. HOWEVER, we are human beings, with limits, and while you are needing my support by answering your questions, it draws my attention away from actually DOING and FOCUSING my part in your work. If I can not get back to you work, is to not obsess over your work being done, you have to allow it to manifest and integrate into your life, if you sit and obsess you are hurting your situation and not “working with the energy that is changing, manifesting, or coming through channels to you”. When you obsess over the work, you are not living your life and being open to the outcomes that will come from your situation, this sends negative and blocking energies out that will prevent you from moving forward in life or your goals. Keeping positive and sending positive energy out, you get back positive energy. In other words you get back what you put into your work. Many people do not realize that magick works on more than the physical plane, it affects more than just our “honey coming home” it works from the inside out, and it can stretch far into the cosmos and aethyrs into the invisible and unknown. So to help your situation and build a good working relationship with any root worker it is best that when you come to present a situation to your root worker, to have details of time limits, details of what to expect or not expect, etc. to be discussed PRIOR to beginning work. This cuts back on the “well I think I changed my mind” or “are you sure this is going to work”. To these two things I say, “if you have an ounce of doubt in the beginning, you will most likely have the same doubt come up again”. So, it is best to evaluate your state of mind, and set realistic goals. This even applies to simple setting of lights on the altar. Now, as for setting realistic goals, for spells, I get the same question a hundred times, and sometimes from the same client, a hundred times. And this is even AFTER a tarot reading showing success, and also after stating that while NOTHING in life is guarantee, I can say honestly, if you don’t see results at first, this is normal. It could take months to see a manifestation for several different reasons. Which I think most are obvious if you look hard into your situation. As time goes on, circumstances may come into play. Does this mean forfeit the work, NO. But being patient and open minded is a good idea. Will a spell always be successful, definitely NOT. This isn’t my choice to have a successful spell each and every time, if I guaranteed that kind of work, I would also guarantee that I will win the 750 million jack pot this year. Nothing in life is guarantee,  no doctor or lawyer can guarantee that a surgery or a court case will be successful. IF a worker guarantees a work to be successful, RUN like hell the other way because they are a fraud and most likely they just charged you $2000.00 to guarantee you man was going to come back to you in April. I will not deny that YES, us workers can see things with our inner eye, intuition, cards, yada yada, BUT even if that outcome is to be successful, and that man comes back, he MIGHT come back with an attitude you need to adjust for him, or he might come back with that same annoying habit of not putting his dirty socks in the laundry. Whatever the case may be this doesn’t mean however, you need to give up. So, first goal is to set realistic outcomes and temper the desires to obsess over your situation. Trust the spirits and trust your root worker. The one thing that I WILL guarantee, is that I will work hard on your case, my clients know I go above and beyond for them, I am respectful, I am an honest peach. I guarantee that I will guide you to seek outside help if you need it, I can be a darn good friend and give really good advice but I am not licensed to give therapy. I guarantee confidentiality, I guarantee that I will make sure you set realistic goals too, just as any friend would do.
The next thing is to know when to set a time limit on work. When I tell a client to set a time limit on their work, this means, exactly that, SET a time limit on your work. IF you don’t see results, and nothing is budging, after a whole spell, a back up light, 7 weeks of bathing 3 times a week (this is pretty extreme, but you see my point?), then it is time to reevaluate the angle, and set a time limit. You don’t want 4 months of back and forth, back and forth with the ex. Setting the time limit, give it a date on when it’s time to move forward onto a better life and goal is very important. You might even want to just reevaluate your situation after 6 weeks or so depending on the aggressiveness of the ritual or approach you have taken and try something new in regards to your situation. But you can set a time limit at ANY time prior to beginning ritual, during ritual, or after the ritual. During that time limit, you give yourself that one more try, if it fails, you have to move forward! Now this works different for let’s say money goals, job hunting, you don’t set a limit and say never mind, forget, I didn’t want that job anyway, but you keep your options open, and if one job turns out to be a sham and a no go, then have your back up plan to move forward with plan B without a time lapse.
So the three things to learn here is this
A: Make a list of ALL questions up front before work begins
B: Realize that sometimes answering and beckoning to “what if’s, or when will’s, etc.takes focus and time away from the intent
C: Set realistic goals and deadlines
You will see just by my website (yes I write and design and run my entire temple and store all of my own), that I do care about the work and my clients, and you will see how much time I do put into your case, with customizing a ritual unique to you, preparing the candles, the formulas, the care package that is sent home to you, the time to do research for your case if needed, all of this isn’t because it’s a requirement in my life, it’s simply because V is a nice and compassionate person. Well MOST of the time. I will put a smack down when I need to, Mama’s are stern.

What to expect when hiring me as your rootworker for you case: First thing on the list should be to have read through the above. Next, you will want to consider how much time and money you want to invest on your goal. Next, make contact with me via email. We will discuss your situation, and at that point you can decide if you want a tarot reading. The tarot reading will provide information on your situation for us to examine and determine if root work is the right course of action for you to take. Magic works best when supplementing the mundane actions on the situation that you should be covering if possible. After the consultation and reading if we do one, next is the plan of action that I develop and suggest for your situation which I give a brief run down to you generally as part of the follow up after a reading. Then, a service is decided on and a payment is made. After payment, any personal concerns, additional names, dob, etc. is sent over to me to begin your final planning of your service. The work I do for you is over a course of 3 weeks minimum, longer for more intense cases. Once I have finished the initial ritual work itself, I create and finish up any items for your case and they are mailed out to you for you to work with, instructions are included and specific to your situation. Mojo bags, jar spells, etc. all are made for you during the ritual work and activated during the ritual time. After follow up products are sent to you, I will burn additional vigil light to help back up the work that you begin on your own. I am always here to answer your questions as well during that time. A follow up reading is sometimes done as well. Most of the time, additional work will not need to be done nor rework a ritual for your case. It does occasionally happen though, however, the time frame is around 3 to 4 months that way you have given it sufficient enough time to manifest. Piling work up doesn’t mean the work is stronger, this can confuse the energy and spirits just as having too many rituals going on at once and with multiple root workers if the work doesn’t compliment each other. Any other details will be discussed via email, I do not do phone consultations at this time just as all tarot readings are email readings.

*** Please read this as well, and follow all the links provided for more posts on these policies***
Here are some things that would be wonderful if you would read over and acknowledge to me before I start your ritual. And yes this is worthy of repeating so you will find this on my website. Consider these things that I have put in place for us to work compatibly and smoothly with beneficial and a mutual understanding for us both. Your root worker is your ally so this is a working relationship. This gives you a deeper insight on what to expect in this journey. I try my best to keep you in the loop, realize that daily updates will not be received, and that I haven’t forgotten you or put you to the side. I have multiple cases I am working, this is a full time job that I am very passionate about. I am a life coach and a spiritual coach, so your case that I take on is very important to me.
An important request that I make from you as your root worker is that you please understand although I am here for you and feel compassionate towards your situation, do keep in mind that I invest equal time for you and my other clients in addition to my own personal life and children. I home school my kids, am a devoted wife, and have a community that I work with and hosting events, temple things, on top of taking time to dance, perform, paint, and read, etc. What this means is that I can’t reply to daily emails or every other day emails in regards to your work that is ongoing, I give updates when there are suspicious or failing attempts in the work. No news IS good news from me. I will not ignore you of course or leave you hanging, however, if you have sent me an email in which you are asking for an update, and you receive a response, within three days’ time, nothing more has changed there is not a need to keep asking the same question. IF indeed something does change in your working, then I will certainly be in touch with you. Too many emails will and do get lost in the pile of other emails and orders.

Please do not forward emails you have sent to me that I have not had a chance to reply to yet. It won’t get answered any quicker, and most likely will be lost in the inbox. I am an active person, an active worker, not a desk person, so I am not on email all day every day. I have schedules to keep for client work and home life. When sending an email, be sure to cover all of your questions in one email and not several throughout the day, take notes on what you want to ask or discuss then send that to me in an email. I will get back to you when I am able to. Some weeks I take longer to reply do to not checking email when I am very busy with your case and others.

What I can suggest in these times where you feel panicked or sad because of your situation, please try to remain calm and try breathing in and focusing on the positive energies in your life and know that you are being healed by our work for your situation. I do send gentle healing loving Reiki energy to clients who do show these types of issues surrounding their case. Remember that obsessing and worrying is negative energy and we do not want that to influence our positive changes that we are making. We are working to gain and keep balance in our lives as we speak.

Pictures: This comes up quite frequently. Yes, there are times that I do snap a few photos to share with you at the end of the work. I can’t always take these photos though with time constraints and such, but if there is a call to it then yes, I will snap some for you. I ask that you don’t share them with others, friends and family, etc. in fact your case and working shouldn’t be shared with anyone outside of our ongoing work or shared with the targets you are working with. The reason being is that we don’t want any interference or judgment on your case, no negative impressions intruding and clogging up the channels we are trying travel down to have success. Sometimes friends and family although seem to want the best for us, may not be understanding of your situation and fully supportive. I have had clients become upset and discouraged because friends have said to them “Just move on, why waste your time trying to get so and so back”. This can be a real down spiral on you and the work, by introducing doubt and depression. The focus can then turn inward towards healing you instead of towards a happy reunion. If there is reason to doubt a reunion or happy outcome in your work, then you should not have ritual work done until you are confident, and if you are reading this, then it’s already been decided on your part to stick this out for the long haul. This is an emotional investment on your part, a dedication to not take lightly. This is just natural protocol with all workers and magicians. Also, secrecy keeps our work sacred and respected, and minimizes gossiping and projection of negative, again causing doubting and fears, causing you added stress and worrying. I want you to feel comfortable in the work that we choose to do, keep a clear head and focus. If you feel negative and doubt, then there is a problem we must address quickly.

Client Numbers: I am now assigning you with a client number for both of our benefits! A client number will be used when emailing me. Please put this in the subject headline each time you send me an email. The reason for this is because if you send a new email versus a reply to with a new subject, the email can be lost in my folders and it’s a quick reference for me to pair you up into your client file in my book and also my emails. The second reason is because sometimes using a different email outsource (laptop vs smart phone), your address header might appear in my inbox with a nick name or title I am not familiar with which leaves me saying “wait, huh, who is this, what did I miss?”! Which sends me in panic mode, and then you in panic wondering why you haven’t heard anything from me. Lol. For instance I have some folks who’s email from their laptop comes through as their full name that I am familiar with, however, if they are using a work computer or using their cellphone to reply or update me, THAT email comes in with the title of maybe their initials, a nick name, or even blank sometimes. Sometimes the email address is different from the address you sent a payment from so I don’t use email addresses as reference to identify you. SOOOO…  I use client reference numbers now which are easy to search than names, especially when I might have multiple names of same first or last name, which occasionally happens. If you do not receive an email from me with a client number, please let me know right away! Applies to spell kit services, and doll services, not jar spells and mojo bags.

Wrapping up a Case: Sometimes a client hires me to the work then goes about their life and I never hear anything from them. Why? I am not even sure, maybe life gets chaotic, right? The usual process of wrapping up a case is a natural individual occurrence because no two cases are alike. So, at the end of the 4-6 week period a follow up email is sent to ask if movement has been seen if not already expressed that month, followed with the question if the client wants additional work done on their behalf or if they are ready and confident in having their items sent home to them to continue working with under instructions and advice. Most of the time I get a reply and the case is closed or continued. Sometimes, no reply. Ok. So in that case, I do leave the work in my ritual areas, during a grace period of about two or three weeks. If I still haven’t heard from the client, the work is considered  closed or abandoned, and I dispose of all the remains as if the client has asked me to properly dispose of them in the traditional manner. Every once in a while, about once a year it seems, a client abandons and gives up on the work just a week into the process due to depression, sadness, frustration, even miscommunication and not understanding the whole process and what it’s like to have someone working their case. In those situation, it will depend on what happens with the work, sometimes work is stopped all together if they have changed their mind and feel it’s hopeless, in which I will offer a new spell for them instead at no charge, or if they seem to be caught in a sadness cycle and lack energy, I offer advice, and continuous of the work and then I try to relieve their discomfort and work some healing along side their original case then dispose of the remains, and close the case out. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hoodoo Sugar Scrubs! Magick is only skin deep?

 What girl doesn't love bath and beauty products to add to their daily beauty regime?
How about a little magick to that beauty regime? This girl is a sucker for beauty and spa treatments, especially organic and homemade ones. I like to act tough, but deep down, I am a beauty queen pamper addict. We only get one chance to love and pamper ourselves and our bodily temples. I like to spoil the shit out of my skin. I use to sunbathe regularly growing up, being a beach babe, sun worshiper, and oh how many tanning beds I have laid in... Not any more. Although I am a sun worshiper, but my skin isn't! Lol. This year I turned the big 4.0. And although for years I have wanted to start a beauty line, I had other focuses in mind as you guys have seen, but I did do some early trials of making lotions and spiritual soaps from goats milk and shea butter, etc. It just didn't stick, and I burned out fast on it. I knew there would come a time that I would draw attention back to this area and turning 40 this year, seriously kicked me in the ass one day when I thought "WOW, I do take care of myself but time can not be stopped, and who knows when our health will start to take a toll on us". In fact, last year, I disappeared for a long while due to some health and digestive issues that literally resulted in me losing a lot of my hair. As soon as I realized it was becoming an issue and the fear of losing ALL of it, I kicked my beauty regime up a notch or two and set in a routine of not only nourishing my insides with daily doses of herbal and vitamin treatments but hair masks that I made myself along with some advice from my awesome girlfriends. Not to long after, the anxiety subsided and I started seeing massive improvements in my hair's condition. But while I was doing all this hair pampering I started adding more facial treatments and body moisturizers to my daily routine, and especially during this ridiculous winter weather we are having here in the mountains, my skin dries fast and it's already sensitive as hell, so it only made sense that my focus was turning towards developing some products to share with others that have greatly helped my dry skin! Lol.

I love love love Sea Salt scrubs, have used them for years, but recently I came to enjoy some Sugar Scrub samples that a friend gave me. I was hesitant on using them, thinking"EWWWW what a sticky ass mess, hell NO, not touching it"! Errr... Well, insert foot into oral orifice and shut the hell up, Girl...
Now I have a new fetish, muwhahahahhaa! And it's gets even sweeter, Baby. (Pun intended, yes I am the asshole cheeseball... *big stupid grin on V's face*) Magickal infused Body Sugar Scrubs! YAY!
Lol. Time to spoil your temple, people... Every act, every daily ritual, should have magickal purpose. Makes sense to me...
So, I whipped up a bunch of batches of Sugar Scrubs all that have some skin benefits, but magickal benefits as well. Two birds, one stone, right? Magick comes from within ourselves. Our soul is captured in these beautiful temples we call our bodies. So, I see no reason why we can't be working a little magick in our lives, while cleansing our temple, and attracting the good things in life. This is how I approach any spiritual soap or baths on the markets. Sugar Scrubs only make sense while combining the process of scrubbing off the impurities we collect daily, sweetening up our skins with sugar which is a popular agent in hoodoo work to make us sweet enough to attract the pleasures we adore in life, and add a little magick to it and you got a serious awesome easy to do ritual practice going on weekly, without effort. Seriously. 

With that said, here's some classic Hoodoo formulas whipped up in good Ol' homemade Sugar Scrubs. A few formulas that I will be offering are:

Road Opener
Come To Me
Money Drawing
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And I can promise you, this is not all this conjuring woman has up her sleeves! This is a big year of change and growth for all of us. So get off yer ass' and get your mojo goin' people!

You can purchase these directly on the Website. They come in 4 oz glass jars. The ingredients and options are listed for you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Conjure Oils, Baths, Floor Wash, and Candles WHOLESALE

OK, SOOOOO... It's been a few years since I started up a new Business adventure, so here it is, this IS the year to do this and take things to a WHOLE new level. :D
It's going on 7 years since I first started this little journey with going public "magickally". 7 IS my lucky number, and every 7 years we go through a rebirth in some important area of our life. So, this is my year, to go through a business rebirth and refresh. I have been gearing this up for over a year now, and here it is! YAY! Wholesale availability in it's finest. Lol. Although, I have sold at wholesale discount my Conjure line in the past to a few shops here in the U.S. and over in England. Now, I am ready to push this forward and make this happen. SO, if you stumble across this blog because you were in the research market for a some Conjure, Southern Style Hoodoo pickin's, I got you on this one! Haha. ;)
I have set up a website dedicated to Retailers with business license, tax resale, etc. If you send me an email directly OR I will happily (yes, you will hear my taps tapping the mama victory happy dance from where you sit ;) ) forward you the wholesale website address where you can take a look at what is available right now (hoodoo oils, sachet powders, baths, floor wash, loaded candles). Wholesalers are required to have proof of their business and resale authority. There is a minimum product order (a low one) to make it beneficial for us both, and the items are at 50% wholesale discount. There are lots more products that I will make available such as some special body masks, whips, and butters, and sugar scrubs, but that will be another month out. And I would gladly accept any offer for working with you to produce some exclusives just for your shop. ;)

Light and Love!
Mama V

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

For Clients and New Clients-Please read!

For Clients and New or Potentials
Please read all of the information that is on my website and under each of the services that you request, EVEN if you have ordered a service from me in the past as conditions and terms can and occasionally do change. ;)

To start: The weekends are free for this girl! I will not be checking emails on Saturdays and Sundays. Family gets my attention on the weekends now. So though I love you guys, errr zip it and keep it quiet on the weekends. Actually, no you can email me on weekends, that's fine, but I will get your emails resuming on Mondays. :D

Which brings us to emails and communication BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER a service-This is important to all of you:

Please understand that I can not respond to every single email I get each day from my clients for various reasons.

1. If I replied to each on a daily basis with ALL of my clients and customers, there would NOT be enough time in the day to get work done; it pulls away from work getting done for your case and other clients work.

2. Many clients are using the email communication as if it were a text app (multiple 1 or 2 line sentences in an email as if in mid conversation that can easily be sent as one email once a day and expected reply from me in a day or few). I can not sit at my phone or my computer all day every day, as I have schedules to keep up with and this creates a dent to keeping my scheduled tasks from being completed on time.

3. This one is a doozy that most of you are realizing that I flat out ignore. Multiple emails such as what's described above OR resending (forwarding) the same email you wrote me just 3 hours prior or the day before, Not only clogs up my already filling email box along side new client consultations, ongoing client work, and other business emails and the needless multiple emails as mention above, it does not nor will it get a response faster and becomes distracting when organizing cutting into more time as I try to filter out unnecessary cluttered emails. Just don't do it, you guys, it creates confusion and frustration.

4. Please do not expect a response the same day and send me multiple emails if I am still available, etc. I state this on the website that it sometimes takes even up to a week to reply, unless something horribly wrong is happening with your case on my end, I will notify you of it, this is absolutely rare.
If you have read my site, and my blogs, and followed our consultations and so forth, then you know that answer already. Of course I am still working your case, of course I know you are on the other end, no I haven't forgotten about your candles and jars sitting on my altars. : )

The solution, and I really hate that it's come down to this, but some of my clients are having a difficult time understanding this so I am making the point here for them and any others that need to know how to communicate with me in emails:

Quite a bit of this is described not only ON my site but in a client acceptance email that I send to you after consultation of our first working together now, but here's some more details that need to be explained.

A. Please send me one email at a time that covers all of your questions as best as possible, even if this means jotting down your ideas and questions to follow up in an email with me for the day. I know there are times that anxiety and stress is overload for you and you need immediate response, however, I can not guarantee that I am going to be checking email at that time or for the rest of that day. I have multiple clients, a farm, and a family of three children. I also like the rest of you take my "me" days and weekends for just me, family, and working on my other projects. :) Normal human life. : )
I am not on call or tied to my computer and phone like most of the world today who live on phones, Facebook, and emails. I am directly a hands on girl, that's how I roll. :D

Also, there are days that I do not check email because the works are in progress and the schedule is full so I am not expecting to take on any additional clients for that week.

B. Please Do not forward ANY of your emails already sent to me the day of, the day before, etc. IF I have not responded to you within 4 days, then resend that email, most likely it went to the junk folder or is lost in 300 emails from that week that take DAYS to sort through sometimes. Sending multiple emails to me, or forwarding the same email that I might have seen already and not had the opportunity to sit and give your email the thoughtful undivided attention it deserves, will just create some confusion and clutter that can be avoided.

C. Reiterating: If I haven't replied to you that day or the next day, and you need to know if I am still available or where I went, if I am busy, etc. Don't just don't... LOL! You guys know it sometimes takes a few days for me to reply and well all that other stuff up there I have rambled on about! :D 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 = New Hoodoo Oils, New Blogs!

So the new year has begun, Thank goodness for this. 2014 was all about change, buckling down, rededicating myself, and sorting priorities!
So, new this year for hoodooing are some new conjure formulas. I won't give away the secrets but expect them to be released soon and throughout the year as I get the time to add them to the shop. OH! And more blogging! Expect to hear random rants, informative instructions, updates, new releases, etc.
Also, I created a new way to purchase my products, if you guys haven't already seen my new online shop outside of the website, it's on Etsy. (no longer active)!
Since the days of Ebay been there done that, I decided to give Etsy a shot, since I am a buyer on Etsy all the TIME! I decided hell why not. I tried Etsy years ago before it became popular for any witches to sell their items on there, so although competitive, it at least opens up a new door to getting exposed to more customers.
You will see new services added as well, and new payment options for those that need it. The new services added are Skype tarot reading sessions 30 minute and 60 minute options. Also look for some additional reading options as well. I have been currently working on a bone set, gathering it together, and bonding with the pieces, and doing readings for a select few that have asked for one.
I also have a few new deck options that I have been allowing some regular clients choose from, so I will be offering readings with those special decks. And the best one that I have had such a blessing to have listed is the service option for directly petitioning some of my Saints that I work closely with. I have had so many requests over the years for something like this, so now it's being offered.
So, look forward to some new things at Conjure and The Root. ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pictures of the New Bottles

1 Oz Hoodoo Oils, 8 Oz Hoodoo Baths, and 16 Oz Floor Wash or Baths

Favorite Time of the Year for this Conjure Girl~Bring IT!

10 Reasons I love Autumn/Winter aka October-February

This time of the year is when I really shine, glitter, and rock it Mama style. :D
Ok, so Autumn technically starts in Sept., but I don't start feeling it till Oct., cause, well, GA is the south and has slow onsets to cooler weather, generally... And we've had 60 degree weather in Feb. Thumbs up for southern hotness...

1. Oct. 2nd is my daughters birthday and she's my baby girl, the last one I will probably ever have, and well she's my only girl out of three children. So yes I can say she is a huge reason I light up the brightest at this time of the year. Team: Izzy Rei, all the way. :D

2. Oct. 3rd is my wedding anniversary, and although we rarely actually celebrate it or make a fuss out of it, deep down, I am a hopeless romantic at the core although my Scorpio rising hides it REALLY well, and I am happy that I married the most crazy, beautiful man I have ever met, who challenges every ounce of my being inside and out, through the darkest moments in our path, to the most sexiest loving moments of our path. Sigh... yea, I don't know why, and I don't even bother questioning it any more, it just is what it is. Lol.

3. Halloween of course, DUH. What freaky girl doesn't like Halloween, of course everyday is dress up the freak day in my world, just saying. OOOOOO scary movies are my favorite movie genre.

4. Ancestor Feasts! Although we give honor and thanks to our ancestors regularly, Fet Gede comes once a year, and here in Georgia we have been partying up with the Dead for 12 years every Nov. Hell Yea!

honneur et salut maman et de pavot, nous célébrons votre vie et votre retour dans les eaux bénies

5. Thanksgiving. This is when I eat and enjoy eating southern traditional food because boy can my mother-in-law and sister-in-law's cook some damn good southern food. My mother always has a fresh twist on her Thanksgiving dinner from vegetarian Thanksgiving to a mix of middle eastern side dishes thrown in the mix. So, when this time of year comes around, I am in heaven because the food is savored when eaten once a year. It's like fasting for an entire year, then come time to chow, mouth orgasms, I tell you... haha. 
Then up goes the Christmas tree, the shopping sprees, the beautiful FALL colors, the smell of the air, and lots and LOTS of home baking begins for Christmas parties, solstice parties. Cookies, chocolates, and treats for the kids and husband and friends and family are bountiful.

6. COLORS and Fall leaves, living in Georgia you see gorgeous colors change quickly! And Christmas music begins... Oh yes, this girl does it up for decorations. I keep Halloween décor out, but add in some turkeys, pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows along side the warm smell of pumpkin bread, now you livin' RIGHT! Lol.

7. Some more Christmas music, that's right, every day a song or two or more. Popular around my house are Elvis and Frank Sinatra Christmas songs and the classics: "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", Jingle Bell Rock (my favorite), "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree", "Santa Baby", "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" (I know, it's so rude, isn't it, lol), "Rudolph, the red nose reindeer", "Jingle Bells", "Frosty", "Here Comes Santa Claus". Well this list can go on for awhile. But, yea, you get me. :D By now, there's a tree trimmed out, reds, golds, glitter, lights, everywhere. Lol. And this Mama is doing the mommy dance every where she goes; a little twinkle step in my toes for sure.

8. Did I mention how much baking I do during this time? By this point I am making up for all the previous 9 months of not cooking dinner nightly for my family. That's right folks, although I can cook and I can cook a feast like a BOSS for 20- 30 people, I prefer to save my skills for when it's most nourishing, plumping up my children and family to get through the winter months, and well, it just makes them appreciate it more. They become all drunk with love and full bellies so they stay all happy and cheery spirited during the holidays so I can enjoy this happy season without any belly griping (can you say Kitchen Witch). You can find this Mama in the kitchen baking goodness with one hand, Amaretto or wine in the other. Sometimes that Amaretto slips into those chocolate truffles for the friends. ;)
So, then here comes Christmas, 25 days of building the energy, 2 days of traveling from family to family and spending time with all  of them. Mmmmm, pretty shiny colors and lights every where! Food and treats, Yes!!!!!

9. So a New Year begins, BUT the fun in this month is My birthday. I take a whole week to celebrate it because, I spent too many years NOT celebrating it and not appreciating getting older and wiser! hahaha! As long as I have my friends and family during this time, I am set. I don't care about presents, just the warm presence of good people by my side! :D

10. Remember how I said I am a hopeless romantic at the core? Well, yea, I am a sucker for Valentines day. What can I say, red is my favorite color, and roses are my favorite flowers AND the only candy I eat has to be chocolate, none of those gaggy hard candies, chewy gummy crapolas... Chocolate is the name of the sweet game, Baby. I am a total sucker for love and romance... I don't think my man knows how much so, I hide it so well, but it's true. Lol, and I picked the most unromantic man ever... Go figure. LOL. HOWEVER, the most romantic Valentines gift I ever got, was the year he forgot my birthday, and proudly bought me my first and very own fishing rod from Bass Pro Shop. I guess because he was nervous I would cast out his whole rod instead of the line when we use to fish. But what this really meant is that he did like having me in with him when he went out on the boat. I miss that too. And guess what color it was? Yep, red. :D Of course he's claimed my rod, since I barely fish, nor am I really allowed to go now, because when I catch a fish, I can't take the bass off the hook to throw him back, and that interrupts his game. Hahaha!
A Perfect Valentines day for me honestly, would be to spend the entire day in a cabin with a hot tub and fire place (the man is good at building fires, ummmmm, sexy goodness ;) ), but by the beach, preferably, however I would settle for the middle of the forest. HAHAHA! Sushi is somewhere in that perfect day too, if we could have it delivered. Some very romantic things happen in cabins with hot tubs next to a fire, just saying... :D